First Weekend Together

Dealing with Annoyance


Spending a lot of time with a partner is often a dream come true, but the first weekend together could point out a few disparities between them. She may sound lovely when she hums while cooking a meal, but it can become irritating when she does it all day long. He might laugh loudly when someone tells him a joke, but she could notice he does it even when the joke is not that funny. Dealing with annoyance in a partner is a normal part of relationship progression, and it often shows up when a couple has plenty of time to notice it.

Many people live alone or with family before they move in with a partner, and their habits may be something they and their loved ones have learned to live with over time. It would seem there is nothing wrong from their point of view, but their partner feels otherwise. Learning to live with humming could be difficult over a weekend, and it could be a deciding factor in whether or not to continue a relationship.

Fun is part of any good relationship, but over-stressing it with loud laughter can be grating. A partner might not have really focused on it when the couple was out with friends, but living with it for an entire weekend could be far more than they expected. Asking the other person to tone it down could be a solution that hurts their feelings, so figuring out whether or not it is something that is an acquired taste might be part of dealing with a partner who is suddenly not quite perfect.

Learning to live with each other's habits is all part of moving a relationship forward, but there are times when it may end it. If the other person has an annoying habit they are unaware of, it may be time to move on to finding someone new and less aggravating.