First Weekend Together

Hosting as a Couple


For those who have made the decision to spend an entire weekend together, filling up the hours with fun can be an exciting time. The pair might consider spending all their time alone, but hosting as a couple could have its own appeal. Rather than isolation, they will be in the center of the fun as their friends arrive for an evening of food, fun and relaxation. There are many couples looking forward to this type of adventure on their first weekend together, but it will take some work on their part.

The choice of where to spend the weekend so they can have friends over might depend upon which person has the larger apartment, and they will need to ensure it is ready for a crowd. Moving the furniture could be an important issue for them, or they might need to stock up on groceries. Both of them will be responsible for ensuring their friends have a great time, so working together is all part of their plan.

If both of them are organized and able, their night of fun will yield a memorable evening for everyone involved. They will be able to talk about it years later as one of the highlights of their life, but things might go a bit awry. If one of them forgets to purchase the main entrée, the evening could turn out to be a disaster. The other partner might have been in charge of the appetizers, and the couple’s ability to come up with something at the last minute could provide them with even better memories.

Hosting as a couple on their first weekend together could be pushing the envelope, but many couples are eager to do it. They often see it as a step in the direction of forming a long term relationship, so they are building memories for their future together.