First Weekend Together

Trying a Weekend Again


Couples often find that more than one weekend is needed to see if they are truly compatible, and there is nothing wrong with how their thought processes are working. They should make sure the person they are going to move in with is someone compatible, and their first weekend together might have been a disaster through no fault of their own. The weather could have snowed them in, the power could have gone out, or their parents could have shown up unexpectedly. All of these are factors they need to learn how to master as a couple, so trying a weekend again to see if things go better is all to the good.

While practice makes perfect, relationships are really about being compatible without trying too hard. A couple who found their first weekend together was a disaster could decide to call it quits, or they might take the time to look at what really went wrong. If they planned to do several things that required electricity, their plans might have been too rigid when the power went out. Trying again is a good idea, and they could have at least learned to plan a few things to do together that can be done by candle light.

Weather can be a factor for some people, but being snowed in and stuck at home is not always the issue. If the sun comes out in the spring, it could bring on a sudden allergy attack for a person who has left their medicine at home. The weekend could have been a miserable one for both of them without the necessary dose to control the symptoms, but it does not mean they should toss out their potential long term relationship.

There are many things that can happen in a weekend, and couples should consider sharing a few of them before moving in together. It might seem they are trying to ensure their relationship will work, but it is a good way to let them see how it should work.