First Weekend Together

Getting It Just Right


When a couple plans to spend their first weekend together, there can be many details that need attention. They should first decide where they will be staying, and then they should think about whether they want to spend the entire time at home, or should they go out and socialize for a few hours. Knowing what meals they have planned is a good idea, and agreeing on the entertainment agenda will be a plus for those who prefer a planned weekend. Getting it just right depends upon what each partner expects, so they will need to listen to each other before suggestions are made.

A perfect weekend is different for every person, and it can vary with the season and local customs. Some people spend the entire winter locked away at home to avoid colder temperatures, but others revel in them. The sunshine that attracts many during the summer might be an invitation to burn for those who have sensitive skin, but others might enjoy slathering on oils and lounging outside. Each person must also think of the needs of their partner to make it just right for both of them.

Special meals are often a part of dating, so planning the menu as a couple can be part of the fun. Each person might pick a favourite dish or meal, and they can cook or order it delivered. Snacks should also be thoughtful touches of caring, and they should combine taste with a bit of fun for those who like to indulge.

There are many ways to plan a weekend for two, and each person should have a say in how it will go. For those who love to plan down to the tiniest detail, it might become tiresome for their partner. The person who prefers spontaneity should put their bid in for a few hours to do something that has not been planned, and then both can enjoy their very first weekend together as a couple.