First Weekend Together

When Time Flies By


It is often very exciting to consider spending an entire weekend with a significant other, and those who are getting ready to do just that will do their best to ensure everything goes well. They will stock the fridge with favourite foods and drinks, and they might consider renting a couple of movies to watch. If entertaining friends is a possibility, they will make plans and purchase items to make it an easy transition from a weekend alone to one with company.

When their date arrives, they should have everything in place to make it a relaxing weekend. The two might have discussed plans ahead of time, or they might have decided to see how they feel as the time passes. They will know they have made all the right choices when time flies, but there might be a few snags that can slow it back down. If they had planned to order in for dinner, whoever was responsible for calling in the order might have forgotten. This could set them on edge, and waiting for their meal could make the clock seem to stick.

Dates generally only last a few hours, so spending a weekend together is a time when friction can appear. Couples who are not used to each other’s routines might find them aggravating, and they might find they have run out of things to do together. Some couples enjoy long conversations, but it can be difficult if they suddenly have so much time to talk that they run out of things to say.

It can take time before a couple is really comfortable enough to spend an entire weekend together, so it does not necessarily mean the relationship is a failure if that first weekend does not go well. They should wait a few months before trying it again, and their results might just please them more than words can tell.