First Weekend Together

Working on a Project


Some couples plan to spend their weekend together binge watching a favorite show, but other couples are more active. They might play sports together, or they could go tromping through the woods nearby in an attempt to complete their bird watching book. Still others will decide that working on a project they have been putting off is a good idea because the two of them could complete it in just two days. It might not seem romantic to outsiders, but an active couple could find it is a way to draw them together.

Planning on a weekend spent working on a project does take some advanced planning, and the couple might do that together. If they have a room they want to paint, they will need to choose the color, procure their supplies, and they might even need to buy paintbrushes and drop cloths. It could take them a week or two to even get that far before they are ready for their cherished weekend.

Putting a project together can be simple, but it can also be complex. If they want to build furniture they will need some knowledge of how to do it, and they might need many more tools than originally planned. Just being able to get an area where they can work might be its own project, so each of them will need to contribute ideas and suggestions to make their weekend a success.

Active people like to do things, and some of them want something to show for their time invested. While they might enjoy competing on a local sports team, trophies are only available when their team wins. For those who want something they can keep, working out the details and tackling a project could be the best way for them to spend some time together over the weekend.