First Weekend Together

Smoothing the Way Forward


Couples who have decided it is time for them to spend an entire weekend together will often plan at least part of their activities, but many of them have left some vacant spots for spontaneous decisions. It can work out well for a couple already in tune with each other, but the path can become rocky if they have widely differing ideas on how to spend their leisure time. It can depend upon which home they choose for their first weekend, so they should make their decision on where to go based on what they want to do as a couple.

Eating takes up a good amount of time, but not every person loves to cook. If one of the partners enjoys spending time preparing meals, they need to consider the fact the other person might become bored while watching them chop, sauté and serve. Setting the table will be a help, but it only takes a few minutes to do it for two. Knowing how to help a partner pass the time in this instance can be a good way of telling if a person is good at smoothing the path of a relationship.

Some people love to relax and read during the weekend, but others prefer to go outside and enjoy sports. Two people in this type of situation will need to understand they must make allowances for the needs of the other, but it can be difficult to find compromises that will work for both of them. Being able to spend time apart during their first weekend together might show them that their differences matter very little.

Their first weekend together as a couple can be a good indicator of whether or not their relationship will survive in the long term, and it is often the things that separate them that will tell the tale. Those who can work out ways to get along and cope will have a much better chance of keeping their relationship intact over the long run.